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Itadakizen Vacancies


Waitresses/ Waiters wanted!


Salary of £8.50(under23) £9.00(over23)+ (£1 ~ £2 accounted as a service charge)


Japanese vegan restaurant 5 minutes walk from the King’s Cross station is looking for those with:

- Excellent communication skills in English

- Outgoing personality

- Exceptional public relation and customer service skills


*Free food, stuff discount of 50%, and increase in salary depending on the capability

*You will be able to experience the Japanese culture as well as learn the language by coming in contact with the natives. Highly recommended to those who love Japan!

*There will be a trial period of 7 days with wage of £7.00 which will be paid at the end


Working days:

Tuesday to Saturday from 16:30~22:00

At the beginning of every week, we determine the shifts so flexible workers are welcomed too.

Please send me your CV to the email below.



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