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ROKU Gin&Tonic

六ジントニック 6.00  

ROKU Gin&Tonic with Yuzu Citrus

柚子ジントニック 7.00

Plum Highball

梅サワー 6.00

Plum Wine

梅酒 4.00 



Kirin Ichiban Shibori (330ml)

麒麟一番搾り 3.00  

Adshi super dry (330ml)

アサヒビール 3.00  



House sake(180ml)


A very fine texture with harmonious aromas and flavors of macadamia nuts, Chai spice (cardamom, nutmeg), vanilla, heavy cream, and freshly sliced bread.£6.00

Dassai (300ml Bottle)

Coconut and creamy with light sweet candy notes on the palate. This premium Junmai Daiginjo cloudy sake has elegant and velvety texture with lingering finish.£19.00

Shirataki Jozen Mizunogotoshi Junmai Ginjo(300ml Bottle)

For a light, dry-tasting sake that is as crisp and clean as a dry white wine, it has to be this. This clear sake, whose name roughly translates to “The best things are like water”, is smooth and palatable. An amazingly versatile sake. £15.00




HOUSE WHITE WINE(125ml)/Bottle


HOUSE RED WINE(125ml)/Bottle


100% Pressed Apple Juice 3.00 

Soft Drink


100% Pressed Orange Juice 3.00 

Fentiman Curiously Cola 3.00 

Fentiman Elderflower 3.00 

Iced Green Tea  4.00 

Sparkling Water (720ml / 330ml)  3.00 / 2.00

Still Water 3.00 

Hot Drink


Green Tea 3.00 

Houji Cha 4.00

Authentic Japanese roasted Organic green tea directly from the fields of Kyoto

Sasou Tea 4.00

Sasa (bamboo leaf) and soba seed (buckwheat)blended tea for a weak stomach and intestines. Before entering their long winter hibernation, Japanese bears eat large quantities of bamboo leaves for detoxification. Buckwheat seeds bring out the power of bamboo, and their combination is like a symphony. Sasou tea is very powerful for cleaning the bowel.

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