ROKU Gin&Tonic 六ジントニック 6.00  

ROKU Gin&Tonic with Yuzu Citrus 柚子ジントニック 7.00

Plum Highball梅サワー 6.00

Plum Wine 梅酒 4.00 

Hana Lychee Flavored Sake

花ライチ酒 4.00 

Soju(Grape)korean sake 300mlソジュ(グレープ味)10.00 



Asahi Super Dry (330ml)

アサヒビール 3.00 

Sappro Premium (330ml)

札幌プレミアム 3.00 

Kirin Ichiban Shibori (330ml)

麒麟一番搾り 3.00 

Shandygaff (250ml) 

シャンディガフ 2.50 

DRAFT! 生ビール


ドイツビール250ml 3.00

A straw pour with a creamy white head. Some lovely grainy aromas, that classic pilsner malt smell with a little grass. The carbonation makes for a deceptive sense of body, but this is really very light and easy drinking, a touch of caramel sweetness and a lovely well-balanced dry finish. To be consumed any time, any place.



House sake(180ml)


A very fine texture with harmonious aromas and flavors of macadamia nuts, Chai spice (cardamom, nutmeg), vanilla, heavy cream, and freshly sliced bread.£6.00

Hakushika Yamadanishki

(100ml Glass or 300ml Bottle)

This sake is brew using 100% Yamadanishiki rice – this rice is often call the “king of sake rice”. It has good nose, delicate fragrant and a well blended soft flavor. £4.00/£12.00

Shirataki Jozen Mizunogotoshi Junmai Ginjo(100ml Glass or 300ml Bottle)

For a light, dry-tasting sake that is as crisp and clean as a dry white wine, it has to be this. This clear sake, whose name roughly translates to “The best things are like water”, is smooth and palatable. An amazingly versatile sake, great with seafood, poultry and meat dishes. £5.00/£15.00

Kishu Umeshu Plum Wine

(300ml Bottle)

Fragrant, fruity and boozy – what’s not to like? This Japanese plum wine, or umeshu, has been made using the best quality ume plums from the plum-growing region of Wakayama in Southern Honshu. £16.00

Tosatsuru Ginrei Senju Ginjo

(300ml Bottle)

A quiet and subtle type of sake with gentle fruity scent of elderflower. Beautifully balanced with a light body, soft texture and clean finish. A great introduction to the world of sake.. £17.00



HOUSE WHITE WINE(125ml)/Bottle


HOUSE RED WINE(125ml)/Bottle


Soft Drink


Organic Apple Juice 3.00 

Organic Orange Juice 3.00 

Fentiman Curiously Cola 3.00 

Fentiman Elderflower 3.00 

Fentiman Lemonade  3.00 

Iced Green Tea  4.00 

Sparkling Water 3.00 

Still Water 3.00 

Kid's Apple juice 1.00 

Hot Drink


Green Tea Hot/Cold 3.00 

Sasou Tea 4.00

Sasa (bamboo leaf) and soba seed (buckwheat)blended tea for a weak stomach and intestines. Before entering their long winter hibernation, Japanese bears eat large quantities of bamboo leaves for detoxification. Buckwheat seeds bring out the power of bamboo, and their combination is like a symphony. Sasou tea is very powerful for cleaning the bowel.

Matcha Latte 4.00

Made with oats milk and agave syrup