Itadakizen Shrewsbury Vacancies


Waitresses/ Waiters wanted!


Salary of £9.00(under23) £10.00(over23)£1 ~ £2 accounted as a service charge


Japanese vegan restaurant ITADAKIZEN Shrewsbury is looking for those with:

- Excellent communication skills in English

- Outgoing personality

- Exceptional public relation and customer service skills


*Free food, stuff discount of 50%, and increase in salary depending on the capability

*You will be able to experience the Japanese culture as well as learn the language by coming in contact with the natives. Highly recommended to those who love Japan!


Working days:

Friday and Saturday 11:30~14:00

Tuesday to Saturday from 16:30~21:30

At the beginning of every week, we determine the shifts so flexible workers are welcomed too.

Please send me your CV to the email below.


Grilled aubergine glazed with sweet miso paste